The attentive brain, the deluded brain – what is reality ?

Think out of the box and discover new horizons at the cross-roads of science and meditation

The Doctoral Schools of the Life Sciences and the Social Sciences-Humanities, University of Strasbourg, invite to a cross-disciplinary discovery workshop to curiosity and openness towards other disciplines and views.

How do we perceive the world ?  What is reality ?  What is scientific proof ?  If your senses get fooled by the magician’s trick how about your brain when analyzing your data ? Ever wondered why your mind wanders while you read an important publication?

Participants will tackle these and more questions during talks and discussion rounds on what we call scientific proof, reasoning, illusion and reality, objectivity and subjectivity, consciousness. Broadening your horizon and using a new way to access the diverse topics from different scientific fields, this exploratory workshop will introduce you from the start to practical sessions of mindfulness training, a secular form of meditation.  Mindfulness approaches have proven to be highly beneficial to improve attention, working memory capacity, and more. They have been introduced as part of curricula or general support training in major universities in the US (University of Massachusetts Medical School, Brown University, University of Wisconsin, UC Davies …) and start taking foot also in Europe.

Discover how to experience and be aware of the present moment, to tame your “inner chatter box” and to stay on track and focused.


Target audience

Students from the life sciences, social sciences & humanities, medicine, physics, psychology, philosophy and other disciplines are encouraged to participate. Only a limited number of slots are available.

24 hours credits for students from Doctoral Schools, University of Strasbourg, will be validated for full participation.



cover domains of neuroscience, social sciences & humanities, physics, medicine, psychology and philosophy.

Harald Atmanspacher, Mind-Matter Research, University and ETH Zurich
Michel Bitbol, Archives Husserl, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris
Jean-Gérard Bloch, medical doctor and meditation teacher MBSR, Medical Faculty of University of Strasbourg
Tom Froese, Department of Computer Science, University of Mexico
Carsten Mehring, Department of Neurobiology and Neurotechnology, University of Freiburg
Jérôme Trouslard, Department of Neurobiology and Neurophysiology, University of Aix-Marseille


Registration and payment
  • Fees (180 €) include full board and lodging
  • Free of charge for students from the University of Strasbourg, if attendance during entire workshop


Registration deadline: 14 October 2015

workshop language is english




some interesting academic links to find out more about diverse mindfulness applications and research:

Brown University

Bangor University

Caring Economics

UC Davies

UMass Medical School

University of Oxford

University of Virginia

University of Strasbourg


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